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Hi, I'm João Santos an experienced self-taught person entirely focused in DesignOps culture, providing help and support to scale products efficiently.
Guarantee cross-functional team collaboration for better performance and communication

I invite you to take a look at my interview about Design Operations.
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  • Pragmatism and delivery focus.
  • Fast learning and Big Picture thinking.
  • Problem-solving aptitude.
  • Leadership, empathy and communication skills.
  • Strong knowledge in CSS and component-based architecture
  • UX and Agile enthusiast.

I started my career at web development around 2010. During this time I aimed capacitating myself in front-end development, focus in User Interface, working directly with modular architecture in html, componentization and advanced CSS, from animations and pixel perfect to browser performance improvements.

With time I’d been more and more involved with UI development and engaging fully with teams of User Experience. Thereby I’ve acquired a background knowledge in UX too, while participating in discussions about user experience.

I´m constantly seeking to improve my knowledge and getting to know new people. I currently work as DesignOps, focusing entirely in team leadership and product management. I am responsible for maintaining the focus and productivity, as well as increasing in performance, developing and develivering scalability of products through Design Systems.

I act as bridge between the teams of engineering and user experience, for I ease the communication of these two teams. As well as I participate in daily decision of the UX team and technical feasibility for the Engineering team.

I contribute with the professional growth of each one in the team by doing the One-on-One and performance review. In general I'm responsible for connecting and also balancing three parts:

  1. Company's vision, the culture and business strategies
  2. Deliverables and team focus
  3. Team engagement, happiness and motivation

I try to write articles whenever possible, study leadership and product management and also create open source projects or just things using CSS <3

Take a look at my linkedin profile to see more about my professional skills and career timeline.


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